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Poli-Lux 102 Floor Laminate

Poli-Lux 102 Floor Laminate

POLI-LUX 102 FLOOR is a Monomeric, embossed PVC-Film (transparent matt, 120 µm)

Laminated with a one-sided clay-coated silicone paper (90 g/m²) and equipped with an affective clear dispersion acrylic adhesive (permanent)

Suitable for bonding various surfaces for example on commercial slabs, glass, metal, plastic and floor coverings.

Especially developed for floor graphic applications POLI-LUX 102 FLOOR offers certified anti-slip properties according DIN 511300 Class R9. 

Can be used in conjunction with our gloss removable vinyl or high tack gloss vinyl.

Certified Anti Slip Properties:  R9