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ESKA Black
ESKA Black
ESKA Black
ESKA Black

ESKA Black

Deep, dark, sensual; our superior new solid board surpasses all expectations. The attention to detail, the sharp edge finesse and the tantalisingly tactile texture makes this our most popular luxury board.

760 x 1020mm as standard - Rotary & die cut sizes available. Contact us for more information on sizing.

This packaging draws you in, invites you to touch, and motivates you to ‘must-have’.

Specially developed for the luxury packaging industry – with no boundaries, no compromise. It’s simply a sight for sore eyes.

100% black, 100% feel good

Eska black is pure black. It’s sturdy, strong and boasts excellent converting properties, perfect for those distinctive products that scream luxury.

It’s also 100% sustainable, so it does everyone the world of good.

Discover the green side of Eska black

With our new product Eska black, we’ve set a new benchmark in deep-black luxury packaging - a high end product with low impact carbon emissions. Proving our point that luxury packaging needn’t be harmful to the environment.
  • Inside Packaging
  • Inner board colour
  • Die cut
  • Gouging & milling
  • Screen printing
  • Emboss

ESKA Black