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E-Digital Self Adhesive
E-Digital Self Adhesive

E-Digital Self Adhesive

E-Digital self-adhesive is a cost-effective range of digitally printable label media. 

Designed with dry toner presses in mind, stability, runnability and printability are at the forefront of this range’s construction, but with better overall cost efficiency (and runnability)

Cutting sheets costs time and money, guillotined sheets sometimes struggle to meet the tolerances of digital presses, leading to running issues. E-Digital self-adhesive sheets are cut to SRA3 digital tolerances, saving you time and money.

What makes E-Digital suitable for dry toner?

  • Face stock receptivity to dry toner printing – maintaining the print resolution of high-definition work.
  • Adhesives specifically designed to withstand fusing temperatures – minimising potential adhesive bleed that can cause jams and shorten the time between servicing.
  • 90gsm white kraft baking sheet for additional stability and curl resistance – helping maintain consistency in print runs and improving your efficiency.
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